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This is an open planning and plotting and just general talking it out post for the upcoming Town Challenge which begins Saturday (but there's a good chance we'll post it late Friday night so our international folks get to play the full day on Saturday). 

Here are the details: 
  • Our dear Nerium Grimhilde will be casting a spell which blacks out the entire town for a period of time (less than 24 hrs in RP land). It will be early on in the evening when the lights go out, but her spell also will turn the town to night as if it were midnight. 
  • No lights, no electricity, probs not very good cellphone signal. Nerium is doing this not just to exert the power of her coven but also because she disagrees~ with modernity. 
  • All characters will experience the blackout if they are in town. No one is exempt. 
  • Witches and other supernaturals can use their powers to help them and others with them out, but there's no using powers to reverse the blackout. 
  • Characters are not trapped persay. Though if they are in an elevator when the power goes out then yeah they are kind of trapped. 
  • If your characters do go outside, they will be met with some spooky spirits. Nothing that will harm them physically, but they will be met with some nightmarish wraiths floating all around town and these will/can give them nightmares too if you want to take it there. Saaaay hi to these guys: 
  • Also, all over town the shadows and other dark places will almost come to life. Shadows that look like skeletons and other figures just to creep your pups out. Like theseeee (twigger warning for creepy/scary things). 
  • The end to this challenge comes when Nerium ends the spell. There is no other way out of it, but in real-time it will end on the comm on the following Saturday. But threads can be played out as always after that. This does mean the challenge is being played out in slow-time. 
We just want everyone to have fun! This post is for you to plan out where your pups may be trapped and with who when the power goes out. Let us know if there are any questions! 

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So we've gotten word that the timeline of the Town Challenge is confusing people. Our apologies for not giving you guys clearer instructions on when things were taking place, how long the challenge lasted. I know we attempted to do that, but it's obvious it is still unclear as some people think everyone is on a two weeks cruise, etc, etc. Here is our best explanations for what's meant to be happening: 

1. The cruise is 7 days. 

2. Technically, we slowed down RP time in order to accommodate player schedules and the amount of time we felt it would take to get through posts that were set on the ship itself. We do think it worked out for the most part as the cruise events seemed to have gone over well as far as time for playing out threads. However, here is what in our mind was taking place: 

Day 1 - Cruise boarding 
Day 2 - Formal Cruise Dinner
Day 3 - Midnight Pajama Party
Day 4 - Speed Dating Event ***
Day 5 - Island Landing

Read more... )

***Because we realize that some of you didn't know the challenge was taking place over such a length of time, we can nix the speed dating event if you guys want and go ahead and do the ship landing. It's really an event that can take place at another time back in town, and maybe then others can participate too. We would however speed up the landing of the ship to tomorrow. 

Let us know! 

And we promise we will get better at this and planning and giving you all the necessary information. 



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