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Siren Cove is going on a 7-day cruise. We will be posting more information for the event/gathering schedule as we get closer to the cruise boarding on Monday, but right now it's the time to start plotting who is joining your characters on the cruise. We don't care how you "book" your rooms, but we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to plot out who is going in whose room. 

Things to know: 
  1. The challenge is completely optional. Your characters can stay behind in Siren Cove. However, the cruise is being offered free of charge, so money will not be an issue. All accommodations are being covered by this ~mysterious~ company. 
  2. The cruise will dock at a private island on day three. Upon landing, your character will spend sometime there. 
  3. This cruise is probably going to go about as well as you'd expect. If you want specifics on what's going to happen, we can give them. It's up to y'all. 
It is now up to you whether or not you want to send your characters on this free~ cruise. Please use this post to plot with other players. I will make a comment below to give rooming assignments once all decisions are made. 

Boarding Options: 
  • Balcony Room - Up to 2 People
  • Suite Room - Up to 2 People
  • State Room - Up to 4 People
This is a full luxury liner. You will have time to play out your characters just relaxing and having fun onboard the ship (i.e. things won't go wrong until they land on the aforementioned private island). However, there was only so much background information we wanted to give on what is actually aboard the ship. Cruise liners these days have almost everything you can imagine from karaoke to movie theaters to full spas to gymnasiums. All decks have pools and slide areas. We will post several event posts to coordinate characters in particular locations, but your imagination is your only limit here. 

Also for future easy access this is the town challenge page: http://sirencoverpg.com/cruise

Questions? Ask away.


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