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Hey guys! This week is prime modly updating time and we’re motivated to update some things on the site! But we need your help, since we have some new characters and well, we suck at paying attention sometimes lmfaoooo :|

Please take a look at the following pages and let me know what you need added and/or changed concerning any of your characters and myself and the other mods will set to work on updates:

Occupations Page - This has been a work-in-progress and I’m trying to get it finished!
  • If your character has a business you’d like listed under possible occupations for current/new characters, add a comment below with the place and who to contact (see the link for examples).

Locations Page
  • Comment if there are other locations of interest in town you’d like added. These don’t have to be personal businesses or directly connected to your chars. They can be points of interest you’ve thought up or mentioned in game, etc.
  • If you have a pic of the place, that’d be great! Or we can find one to use. Remember, we have to use 800x600px or greater.
  • Also, if you click on a location, it has characters associated with said location. If you need your characters added to/taken off of a location, comment below.

Map - I don’t think there’s a whole lot to add to this, but I could be wrong :)
  • Comment with your preferred location for char residences/businesses (or points of interest as mentioned above). Try to be as specific as possible. It’s really easy to add to the map, so don’t worry if you’d like something moved!

Player Blurbs - Remember, IF you want any info about yourself added to our player blurbs, you can fill out a form here.

January Calendar- We’ll be working up events for the January calendar, but as always, we’re more than happy to have help from you guys.
  • If you have an idea for a town event, comment with the gist of it and your preferred dates. If you’d rather keep it secret, keep it safe for plotty reasons, contact us!

Thank you for your time!!

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Sorry for the delay in getting all the December events put up on the calendar. I got a bad cold this week and just now felt up to it. Let us know if there are any issues. Enjoy! 


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