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Just a quick note on the event calendar, sometimes there are gatherings planned for certain days. However, when several things are posted to the comm at once and instead of competing/trampling over player-planned gatherings/events, it's easier just to play it by ear. That's the main reason some gatherings aren't posted or are rescheduled i.e. the 4th of July event. Not because they are forgotten.

ANYWAY. Onward.

This weekend we will be posting the Siren Cove Comic Con gathering. This is just a quick plotting post incase anyone wants to hash things out. There are several characters with businesses, careers, and or interests that may have them involved in other ways with the Con than just being an attendee.



ALSO this is all just for fun since SDCC is this weekend too. It could be fun to bring a little fandom into Siren Cove. 

If there are any ideas and/or requests for this gathering, just let us know. We are always happy to help make things happen. 

Have fun! 

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Hi, guys! 

This is just a quick post to collect some ideas for future gathering and event ideas for the upcoming months.

These are not big plot ideas (thought feel free to send those to us, we love those as well). This is for one-off post ideas for comm-wide gatherings/events that you would like to see take place. We keep a running list of post ideas, but it really helps us when we get ideas from the comm as it takes some of the pressure off the mod crew.

There are no rules about this except to remember that these will be open for all characters. They can involve magic or not, but we know everyone likes the party posts. 

All you have to do is comment below and we will add them too our list. We would really loooooove suggestions you have no idea how much it helps us out. 
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I know Eli hasn't been on hiatus for a full month, but I am ready to bring him back! I've been toying around in my head the idea of doing a garden party down at the community garden both as a spring party type of deal but Eli would also be raising money for his organization.

Probably not a kegger, more like wine and spring dresses.

I am thinking Thursday or maybe Monday...

If anyone wants to volunteer talent and/or food, they are welcome to be working the event. Eli is not shy about asking for donations so if your character runs a business he could've asked for sponsorship. There are several characters that volunteer with Eli at the garden and I would love them to be fretting over all the food and details right along with him.


Apr. 23rd, 2015 10:23 pm
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Hi guys!

So tomorrow I'll be reintroducing Moira to the game, and she has a plotting post open for anyone interested, but I also wanted to make a post here because part of her plot involves my other character, Fiona Logan, and her family history. Basically, I wanted to make a post because the villain/NPC I'm introducing is pretty much open for whoever else might want to use him?

Warnings for magical manipulation, violence, death, family violence, etc. )
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In advance of the April Challenge being posted, we wanted to get some feedback from the community on the ideas that have been presented to us. We want to do something kinda fun and big this month since if you can believe it, it is our one-year anniversary!!!!!! PARTY!!!!

One thing we especially would like some feedback on is the timeline for this challenge. We don't want to rush you guys through if you're really are into playing out some of the ideas presented below, but we don't want to hinder anyone's current plot lines so we thought it best to just ask what you guys want to do before making it official and posting the calendar. 

We'll take comments for a couple of days and then get the timelines settled as quickly as possible so you guys can start planning. This isn't as detailed as our official challenge post, this is just to give you the basic idea of what will be happening. Some of these things can change based on what you guys tell us.


"SIREN COVE - A fairytale story"

Basic plot description -

Nerium with the help of some other characters will cast a spell to bring wild and untamed magic back to Siren Cove. Nerium and her ilk wish to return Siren Cove to the great magic of olde in a land unrestricted by humans.  The spell will manifest by turning the town into a fairytale world filled with magic. Think reverse Once Upon a Time - instead of a mundane town being filled with former fairytale characters, the "mundane" Siren Cove will now be a fairy tale/fantasy land. Siren Cove will be transformed into a fantasy land, with impenetrable barriers separating it from the outside world. Ideas of what the town may look like: 1) http://www.frugalfamily.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Picture-737.jpg; 2) http://www.rosen-ducat.com/landofmakebelievemap/h28e2e528#h28e2e528. Specific places and landmarks can be planned by players to fit their plans. We are planning at the very least that there will be a "Forbidden Wood" full of centaurs and unicorns and giants and all manner of creatures; and an Atlantis type underwater kingdom for mermaid/sirens.

The town will be transformed, both in setting and character. Players will be able to choose for their character(s) to either

1) Become a fairy tale character / fantasy trope with no memories of their true past, or
2) Retain their memories and identities and know the truth of the changed Siren Cove.
  • Everyone will be able choose which way they want to play and what type of trope to choose from.
  • All source material is up for grabs. From classic fairy tales, to Disney, to Into the Woods or Wicked, to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings - anything that fits into the genre.
  • Witches can be good or evil.
  • Humans can be humans within a world of magic or embody another trope type from maiden in distress or knight to a Cinderella type or Peter Pan and anything in between - even another type of non-magical creature like a hobbit or a giant. 
  • Police and other civil servant workers will have the opportunity to "fight back" against Nerium and her group in order to return the town to normal. 
Timeline information
This is where we need your help the most. We are willing to let this plot play out as long as you guys want it to run. If you want more time to really delve into your source material, we are perfectly fine with that. But we also don't want to cut into current plots that are already planned and since this spell will change the fabric of the town, we don't want to leave it running too long and mess up people's plans. So we are leaving it up to you all.

Poll #16598 April Challenge Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

How long should this challenge run?

View Answers

One week
3 (21.4%)

Two weeks
4 (28.6%)

Three weeks
2 (14.3%)

All month
1 (7.1%)

Don't care
4 (28.6%)

We intend for the plot to culminate in a Ball at Nerium's castle - what is fairytale land without at least one ball? This is likely where the faction against the spell wins.

Additional Info
  • The heart of the spell rests in the heart of a dragon which guards Nerium's castle. Players - magic or not - will be able to plot to venture there to slay the dragon, and destroy its heart. If this is really something you're interested in, we are really open to plot decisions being made by the characters involved. 
  • There will be parts of the town that will remain unaffected by the spell. Right now, we are discussing the bowling alley remaining a magic-free zone. Characters homes that are safe-guarded with wards can remain unaffected by the spell if necessary.
  • We are also discussing the keeping the forest magical as a means of congregating for plot purposes later on. 
And that's all. We always welcome feedback and comments and things that will make things easier for you guys!

The Modly Crew
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If your character participates in the Ascension plot, they will get magical abilities for a short time, but many of them (i.e. all) will have some adverse reactions to taking this potion. The mods have spent some time brainstorm several possibilities, but we wanted to give the community a chance to add to the list. All side effects will be randomly assigned and all characters will experience different things (note: we will make sure this assignment works for everyone okay, no fear). 

Here is the current list of adverse reactions: 

Causes magical abilities in humans and other species

Possible side effects may include:

Read more... )

Now it's your turn! If you want to add more possible side effects to Ascension, just comment below and we will add it to our list! 
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This is an open planning and plotting and just general talking it out post for the upcoming Town Challenge which begins Saturday (but there's a good chance we'll post it late Friday night so our international folks get to play the full day on Saturday). 

Here are the details: 
  • Our dear Nerium Grimhilde will be casting a spell which blacks out the entire town for a period of time (less than 24 hrs in RP land). It will be early on in the evening when the lights go out, but her spell also will turn the town to night as if it were midnight. 
  • No lights, no electricity, probs not very good cellphone signal. Nerium is doing this not just to exert the power of her coven but also because she disagrees~ with modernity. 
  • All characters will experience the blackout if they are in town. No one is exempt. 
  • Witches and other supernaturals can use their powers to help them and others with them out, but there's no using powers to reverse the blackout. 
  • Characters are not trapped persay. Though if they are in an elevator when the power goes out then yeah they are kind of trapped. 
  • If your characters do go outside, they will be met with some spooky spirits. Nothing that will harm them physically, but they will be met with some nightmarish wraiths floating all around town and these will/can give them nightmares too if you want to take it there. Saaaay hi to these guys: 
  • Also, all over town the shadows and other dark places will almost come to life. Shadows that look like skeletons and other figures just to creep your pups out. Like theseeee (twigger warning for creepy/scary things). 
  • The end to this challenge comes when Nerium ends the spell. There is no other way out of it, but in real-time it will end on the comm on the following Saturday. But threads can be played out as always after that. This does mean the challenge is being played out in slow-time. 
We just want everyone to have fun! This post is for you to plan out where your pups may be trapped and with who when the power goes out. Let us know if there are any questions! 

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So anyone that is unlucky enough to see my tweets will no doubt have heard my waffling on about a UV Rave. AKA a pop-up club night where everyone can drink drinks and enjoy shirtlessness painting each other flirting with strangers a fantastic atmosphere and light show.

Considering Siren Cove has quite a young population (although of course all characters are welcome - I hope to see Clint there :P), it'd be an idea to have a big night out event as a one-off. Especially since anything where there is considerable amounts of alcohol means characters can intermingle where they possibly wouldn't before. I know a number of my characters are a bit shy but with liquid courage will speak to anyone. Characters can make 'mistakes' or just enjoy some good old finger painting across another's back. But overall it would be quite nice for people to round up their chums and have an evening out.

I did delay the idea initially as a few people said they may want to have their new characters there. But basically I just wanted to see how many people were interested? If not, my feelings genuinely won't be hurt, I don't really want to make a post and only my own characters show up.

I am aware there are a number of calendar events for October, so I was thinking maybe next Saturday (the 11th) as that leaves a 2 day bracket either side for comm wide events. Also at the weekend, I think a lot more people can rp without quite such interference from timezones.

Anyway, let me know what you honestly think. :)

EDIT: To let everyone know. Even though it isn't a particular character's party, I will put it in Ethan's journal so as to not get in the way of Main Comm activities.

Also. Date wise: It may get pushed back to November.
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It's time for a group plotting post! Mods had a discussion yesterday, and while we love all the individual char plotting pages, we decided sometimes those aren't used as often after a character makes their debut. We also believe there are some players out there that might still be angling to become more involved in the game and/or are seeking out plotlines for their characters. We are opening up the floor to everyone to post plot, gathering ideas, and just general character info that could peak the interest of other players and a potential connection can be made. 

Likewise, this is in anticipation of our activity check next week. There are several characters and/or players we haven't heard from in a long time. Unfortunately at the end of next week, we will be retiring those characters. Anyone dropped will need to app again. We like to keep the game info/site as up-to-date as possible which means characters that aren't being played will be moved into the retired section. We will also try to contact a few players again just to check-in and see what we can do to help them. We also know many people were recruited into joining SCRPG so if you haven't seen a friend around maybe drop them a line with a heads-up. 

If this is something you all would like is to do every once and a while, we definitely can. It's difficult to always connect with new characters if your character has a lot of plots and relationships happening, but you may find a way to connect. We've had a ton of new characters join the game recently so there could be story potential there. 


1. Post plot ideas, gathering ideas, and/or character information that could be of interest to other players. These can be for present or future threads. If you have ideas, now is a good time to get them out there. 

2. Comment on other people's threads if you want to get involved with their characters or storylines. 

3. HAVE FUN!!!! Drink pumpkin spice lattees. 
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WOOOHOOO! We have an exciting event for this coming week that Sarah and I are planning on Skype, and we want to get you all involved. As some of you may know, Riley Jung is revamping Tristan's old pie shop into a town museum. It is now time for her to start fundraising for her grand opening, and she is planning a Charity Black Tie event at Francesco's (Siren Cove's very own fancy dancy Italian place) this week. 

At Riley's event she is planning to host a Silent Charity Auction to raise money. Your characters will be able to bid on really awesome auction items. BUTTTTT, we are also leaving it open for characters and businesses to DONATE to Riley's event. 

It can be anything. We even want funny items like "Win a Date with _____", or just whatever your character can donate. Some examples we came up with so far are a Spa Package at the Lodge, Art Lessons at Keke's, Potion Lessons from Riley, etc. etc.  

We are planning to post the Charity Event on Tuesday! So get your outfits ready. All you richie-rich characters don't forget your wallets!!!!

Leave comments below with what your character or character's business may want to donate!!!! :D 
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Okay, so now that existing player apps are open again, one June Thornton is returning from her trip to New York, where she's been staying with her professor of art history, taking in the sights, walking in the park, and generally exploring the city, among...other things. Basically, it's scandalous, and it will certainly be in all of the tabloids.

June will still be returning to Saint Bernadette's to continue her degree, but anyone who knows June will notice that she'll be more subdued than usual. But she's also going to be quietly fuming, as well. While she might be reigning herself in, she is going to be more obviously protective of her brothers, especially James and Demetri. She might let rumors and whispers about her go over her head, but she will not sit idly by to the same about her brothers. She's biding her time, so to speak. To say her father is displeased is...an understatement, and her dealing with the fallout from her New York adventure is basically going to be her main arc upon returning, I think.

If anyone has any questions/wants to talk plot, let me know in this post here!
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Hey guys! Alex here! Just wanted to remind people that Tristan will be returning after the cruise returns. For more information, see this post for the details. The exact day of his return from the dead I'm planning for is this upcoming Tuesday, sometime in the afternoon around EST. Grace will be performing a resurrection spell and bringing him back. This will be occurring in Tristan's journal, so make sure you have him added if you want to take any part in it.

Some things to note about Tristan's return:

*He will be unable to go out in sunlight or he will go back to being dead. A not!vampire, if you will.
*His magic, once centered around baking and food, have shifted along with his revival.
*His magic is now centered on light magic, runes, and communicating with the dead/helping people realize they're dead + moving on to whichever after life they believe in.
*He's going to be super annoyed with Grace, his cousin, for a long while. :D
*Death partners with Michaela! :D :D :D

If you have any questions, just let me know!
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Okay, so I know I said I was waiting until the end of August to do this, but instead, I can't wait that long so I'm waiting until just after the next Town Challenge to do this, and I wanted to put up a plotting post in case anyone wanted to take part in some dark magic and/or the results of it.

Anyway, Grace, as Tristan's cousin, is going to raise him from the dead because she wants to use him for her own gain and she's lonely. Of course, using this kind of magic comes with a cost; Grace will exhaust herself to the point of bed rest for about a week, and Tristan is going to come back...a little not right.

For those who don't know, Tristan was originally the owner of Knights of the Round Pie who was killed by the evil mist in town. His magic originally dealt with food and baking.

He won't be able to be out in the sunlight or he'll die again. Like a vampire without the blood part. He'll still have his magic, but as he was brought back from death, his powers themselves are going to change. Instead of focusing on food and baking, he'll have the ability to communicate with the dead/work with light magic. It will definitely freak him out but once he gets used to it he can help Reluctantly Solve Crimes and other fun dead things.

If you want to assist Grace with the spell, find Tristan when he emerges zombielike from the ground, or anything else, just let me know here.
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For those unaware, Fabrice was attacked and spent some time in a coma in the hospital. This was back when he was still an NPC/before I got overly attached to him. Ever since said attack, Fabrice has been struggling with remembering the incident, thanks to magic tampering with his memories. Next week, I'm aiming for Tuesday or Wednesday, he's going to remember the attack and who attacked him, and I wanted to make a post for it ahead of time to plan and such.

Basically, Fabrice is going to awaken in the middle of the night, cold sweat, etc. and make his way back to where he was attacked, which is a side road near the Coombs estate. Once there, he'll remember everything and be really freaked out/terrified, because this person killed his father, too. He's going to need lots of hugs and/or to be convinced to not do anything stupid.

And something else I was thinking of, if anyone wants to have been the person to have found him on the side of the road, feel free and let me know here. I was thinking about this the other day and thought it would be an interesting perspective to have in the whole situation.

Fabrice does bear scars from the incident, unusual ones: two large, dark purple marks in the shape of claws more than knife wounds. The only people that know this are Demetri Thornton, Moira, and if anyone wants to volunteer for having found him that night, they will have seen them too.

Anyway, I just wanted to make people aware of this because it's a pretty plot heavy event. If you have any questions or anything, let me know here. Use this post as a planning/plotting page if you want to be involved.

Thanks for putting up with me, guys!

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I am not sure if I just haven't put as much energy into Eli, but I realized that he has no storyline. I am struggling to get him involved I think. 

Anybody need some plotting things? Or want to build a relationship? I know a bunch of new chars came in. Hit me up here or on Eli's plotting page. 

Edited to say, he does have the rebuild at the garden which I do need to pick back up. But I am talking extended plots...

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Okay, in following with the recent trend in murder, suspicion, and generally terrible things happening, I was struck with a plot idea for Cosette. This won't happen until next week, after the siren plot and other things, but I want to start planning for it now just to get a feel for how things will turn out.

Anyway, for those unaware, Cosette is actually from a line of nobility among Irish sirens, given away at birth for reasons she still doesn't understand and raised in Siren Cove by her Aunt Jasmine, who's been looking out for her ever since. Last month, she was attacked by an Irish sea monster because relatives who want her dead became aware of her existence. This month, well. They're going to come for Aunt Jasmine, who will be found washed up on the beach, killed in a way that Cosette will immediately know the party responsible.

This is going to happen after Aunt Jasmine surprises Cosette by telling her her room and board are all paid for for the rest of her collegiate career, a surprise she's been working on her whole life. Because I am terrible like that. As for her current apartment, Cosette is probably going to be looking for a roommate or a new place to live, so that is another viable plot option if anyone wants to take part in that!

Anyway, any questions or concerns, just let me know! I'm still fleshing out Cosette's back story as I go along, so I may have to think a bit before answering, but I will answer, regardless.

UPDATE: I'm moving this plot towards the end of August because it makes more sense to me to do so. Cosette will just have moved into her dorm when the murder occurs. So this is like, really early planning now? I'll put up another post closer to the actual plot date.
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Okay, so. I know I haven't updated the town map in awhile and I need to work on that because I am a lazy mod/overwhelmed with personal life issues, and I promise, I'll get to it as soon as I can, but for now, I just wanted to make people aware of the college that isn't the community one in Siren Cove.

 photo saintbernadette_zps931fd0fb.jpg

I'm also retconning to say that Cosette attends here instead of the community college, on a vocal scholarship she won while in high school, double majoring in Voice and Music Education. June Thornton also attends, double majoring in Fashion Design and Communications, with an emphasis on Public Relations. Arthur works here as a professor of geology and will also teach evening classes on stone magics.

Saint Bernadette's, as can be assumed from it's name, is a small, private Catholic university known especially for it's music, theater, fashion design, and science programs, although all of the majors within it are well-respected and admired throughout the country. Their mascot and team names are Sirens, of course. Humans, sirens, and witches are all employed here. Sirens run the music and theater departments, while witches and humans are all in a variety of fields. There are dorms here, of course, although June and Cosette both save money by commuting. (And actually, at the start of the next term, Cosette will be surprised when her aunt helps her move on campus, when she gets promoted to a better job with a bonus, so if anyone wants to be a part of that, just let me know!)

I just wanted to mention this here for anyone who may want a character to work here, attend, etc. Because what's a New England town without a private, scenic college? If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding the college, please let me know! I had a lot of fun coming up with this, so I hope people will use it in game! :)

Edit: Also, Arthur is obviously going to have office hours here and if someone doesn't do something fanfic inspired with that, I will be disappoint~
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Hi everyone!

So, I read Eli’s headcanons the other day and it got me rethinking about an old idea I had. So a lot of characters here grew up in Siren’s Cove and based on the size of the place, I assume there was only one public high school (and not everyone characters were rich enough to go to private school).

Therefore I’ve always been pretty curious who was in high school with whom, because my character Owen for example, may recognise someone if they were in the same graduating class or just in HS at the same time. So I thought it might help with extra general plotting. (Having said that – I not American, so all I know about American HS is that you typically graduate at 18 I believe.)

Anyway, so here is the place that you post your Siren Cove native characters graduating year and the school they went to (either public HS or the name of the private school they went to).

Graduating Class

Siren Cove Public HS

Louise Abasi            1997
Lara Quinn              1997

Owen Phillips          2002

Spencer Waters      2003

Alessandra Castillo  2006
Eli Dixon                  2006
Corrine Flynn           2006 (dropped out - 2004)

Fabrice Coombs       2007
Nerium Oleander     2007
Leslie Parker           2007 (dropped out junior year - 2006)

Private HS

Levi Astor              2003
Will Cabot             2003
Grant Middleton    2003
James Thornton    2003

Moira Coombs       2005

Aoife Coombs        2008
Mira Kazmi             2008
(N.B Mother taught at Public school and she hung around there also)


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Hello all! Alex here just wanting to say that on Monday Violet Coombs will be hosting a ridiculous, extravagant "welcome home" party for Moira, and even, gasp maybe mention the Thorntons as well. The entire town is invited so get ready to get fancy! It's going to be awkward all around because: a)Moira and her mother don't get along. At all. and b)it's coming on the heels of the secret witches meeting.

I figure this is a good chance for all SC citizens to gather and discuss the events while also getting drunk and making terrible life choices. I just wanted to post this here to give people a head's up and for plotting purposes. If anyone wants to disrupt/curse/otherwise intrude upon said party, please discuss it here.

Have fun!


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