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I've been kicking around the idea since I brought her, and there's no time like the present, so!

Raleigh's going to be slowly losing a good deal of her soul over the next month. Joel will figure it out sometime in July when he tries to fix Raleigh's leg. Step two of the plot (her getting it back) is something that I need to still figure out the exact logistics for, although I'm slowly working at them. If you're interested in being involved, DM me on twitter, we may be able to work something out!

How does this affect you? Well, mostly - Raleigh's not going to be as nice, moving into being downright mean as time goes on; all the good parts of her soul are getting taken first, and by the end... well. It's going to be interesting.

I'm also going to putting up several posts for her, as well as tagging her into any gatherings that come along, so that I can spread her around.

Note: Please do not godmod your character magically finding out what's wrong without talking to me. Raleigh will seem to be acting weird, but it's not like she's turned purple or something. That being said, totally obvious that she's acting weird, especially as time passes. :D

LMK if you have any questions / comments / concerns! \o/
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Hey guys! I know it's been awhile, but I'm finally feeling more relaxed and able to participate again. I know I've been gone for a bit, and I apologize it's taken me this long to get back. I'm posting here because I just want to get a feel for what I've missed during my hiatus. I'm going to go back and attempt to read all of the posts, but if there's anything particular you feel I should especially see, please let me know!

At the moment, Bailey is still currently on hiatus and I've, unfortunately, dropped Helena. At the moment, I just have Fabrice, because I think I need to ease myself back into the game. I'm going to say, as the reason for his long absence, that he's been away working in the field for the zoo. He went deep into north Maine, near the borders of Canada, so communication proved difficult for him, and that's why he missed out on the Circle of Sirens event.

I'm going to try and set up a post on his journal either tonight or tomorrow. If you have any questions or want to discuss any plots, please let me know! I'm very happy to be back. :)
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It's time for a group plotting post! Mods had a discussion yesterday, and while we love all the individual char plotting pages, we decided sometimes those aren't used as often after a character makes their debut. We also believe there are some players out there that might still be angling to become more involved in the game and/or are seeking out plotlines for their characters. We are opening up the floor to everyone to post plot, gathering ideas, and just general character info that could peak the interest of other players and a potential connection can be made. 

Likewise, this is in anticipation of our activity check next week. There are several characters and/or players we haven't heard from in a long time. Unfortunately at the end of next week, we will be retiring those characters. Anyone dropped will need to app again. We like to keep the game info/site as up-to-date as possible which means characters that aren't being played will be moved into the retired section. We will also try to contact a few players again just to check-in and see what we can do to help them. We also know many people were recruited into joining SCRPG so if you haven't seen a friend around maybe drop them a line with a heads-up. 

If this is something you all would like is to do every once and a while, we definitely can. It's difficult to always connect with new characters if your character has a lot of plots and relationships happening, but you may find a way to connect. We've had a ton of new characters join the game recently so there could be story potential there. 


1. Post plot ideas, gathering ideas, and/or character information that could be of interest to other players. These can be for present or future threads. If you have ideas, now is a good time to get them out there. 

2. Comment on other people's threads if you want to get involved with their characters or storylines. 

3. HAVE FUN!!!! Drink pumpkin spice lattees. 
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Hey guys!

I realize I should have posted this earlier, and I apologize for that. I'm not going to be tagging until at least Monday; I've been stressed out and taking a break from RP has really helped a lot. I'll still be around twitter and such, but I won't be getting back into the swing of things until Monday.

Thank you!
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Okay, so now that existing player apps are open again, one June Thornton is returning from her trip to New York, where she's been staying with her professor of art history, taking in the sights, walking in the park, and generally exploring the city, among...other things. Basically, it's scandalous, and it will certainly be in all of the tabloids.

June will still be returning to Saint Bernadette's to continue her degree, but anyone who knows June will notice that she'll be more subdued than usual. But she's also going to be quietly fuming, as well. While she might be reigning herself in, she is going to be more obviously protective of her brothers, especially James and Demetri. She might let rumors and whispers about her go over her head, but she will not sit idly by to the same about her brothers. She's biding her time, so to speak. To say her father is displeased understatement, and her dealing with the fallout from her New York adventure is basically going to be her main arc upon returning, I think.

If anyone has any questions/wants to talk plot, let me know in this post here!
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 Your friendly town councilman here, ready to tackle the laws of the land!

I will be drafting Siren Cove Laws and Regulations regarding use of magic, both present and past. This will tie in with pending plots, but will also really expand our world building and understanding of the town.

But I need your input! What are the town's laws like now? What did they look like in the past?

1) How should magic be defined? Supernatural beings? Any other important definitions?
2) Exceptions. Do regulations only apply to magic in public? Are there good samaritan exceptions?
3) What sort of consequences are associated with violation of these laws?
4) How have these laws evolved? Were there periods of heavy regulation? Periods of little to no regulation (perhaps at the hands of witch (*cough*Grimhildes*cough*) and/or Siren influence at the time)
5) Is there any proposed regulation on the table now that has not yet been enacted?

Be creative. Be as broad or specific as you like. I have a law degree and my boyfriend has a policy degree and we're both a little too excited to tackle this and translate it into a set of codes and regulation for the RP (because you're all amazing and I talk about this place far too much).
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Hey guys! Alex here! Just wanted to remind people that Tristan will be returning after the cruise returns. For more information, see this post for the details. The exact day of his return from the dead I'm planning for is this upcoming Tuesday, sometime in the afternoon around EST. Grace will be performing a resurrection spell and bringing him back. This will be occurring in Tristan's journal, so make sure you have him added if you want to take any part in it.

Some things to note about Tristan's return:

*He will be unable to go out in sunlight or he will go back to being dead. A not!vampire, if you will.
*His magic, once centered around baking and food, have shifted along with his revival.
*His magic is now centered on light magic, runes, and communicating with the dead/helping people realize they're dead + moving on to whichever after life they believe in.
*He's going to be super annoyed with Grace, his cousin, for a long while. :D
*Death partners with Michaela! :D :D :D

If you have any questions, just let me know!
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Okay, so I know I said I was waiting until the end of August to do this, but instead, I can't wait that long so I'm waiting until just after the next Town Challenge to do this, and I wanted to put up a plotting post in case anyone wanted to take part in some dark magic and/or the results of it.

Anyway, Grace, as Tristan's cousin, is going to raise him from the dead because she wants to use him for her own gain and she's lonely. Of course, using this kind of magic comes with a cost; Grace will exhaust herself to the point of bed rest for about a week, and Tristan is going to come back...a little not right.

For those who don't know, Tristan was originally the owner of Knights of the Round Pie who was killed by the evil mist in town. His magic originally dealt with food and baking.

He won't be able to be out in the sunlight or he'll die again. Like a vampire without the blood part. He'll still have his magic, but as he was brought back from death, his powers themselves are going to change. Instead of focusing on food and baking, he'll have the ability to communicate with the dead/work with light magic. It will definitely freak him out but once he gets used to it he can help Reluctantly Solve Crimes and other fun dead things.

If you want to assist Grace with the spell, find Tristan when he emerges zombielike from the ground, or anything else, just let me know here.
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Okay, so. I've...kind of regretted letting Tristan go ever since I killed him off. It's been something I've been fighting with for the past couple of weeks, especially. And I still can never really seem to get a strong grip on Cosette's voice, which is a damn shame because I love her. And Daisy, too, is changing, as it were.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone here for being patient with my flakiness in terms of characters; I know I've switched around a lot, and I promise, this time is the last time I'm going to be swapping anyone out, really.

So I am dropping Cosette. She will become an NPC, so anyone can use her however they see fit for any thread or plot they may have. And the murder plot I brought up awhile ago can still occur, should anyone have a hankering for it. I'm dropping her now, to give myself some time to fully plot out what I have in mind next.

Daisy, from her college days, got a taste for darker magic. Also she's Tristan's cousin. So she's going to be experimenting with it, which is going to ultimately lead to her reviving Tristan from the dead. Yes, Tristan is returning, but with a twist: he can't go out in daylight or he'll go back to being dead. So basically, a not!vampire.

This won't be happening until August, though. Daisy, once I bring her back from hiatus, will start exhibiting signs of digging darker magics.

Once again, guys, I thank you for your patience. I know I've added/dropped a lot of characters over the past couple of months. Thank you for putting up with my whims. If you want to be involved with Daisy's darkness and/or Tristan's return, let me know here!

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Okay, so, as most of you on twitter have seen, I've recently discovered this wonderful website here. It's so much fun, and it really allows you to play around with fashion and such. And so, predictably, I'm using it for a meme here. What's your characters favorite outfit? Casual? Dressy? Have fun! :D
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So back by popular demand and the fact that people want to get to know other people better, I bring another round of 'Getting to Know You' questions. Feel free to answer as many or as little as you want. The point of this is just for everyone to get to know each other better and have fun.


What do you like to be called?
Favorite way to relax?
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Favorite music?
Favorite movies?
Favorite shows?
Who's your personal fictional hero?
How long have you been RPing?
Why do you RP?
How do you get into a character's head/voice?
Favorite song to sing in the shower and/or dance around to?
If you could live in any fictional universe, where would it be and why?
Anything else you want people to know about you?
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Okay, so. Work kind of melted my brain/I am bored, so another meme! Think of this one as a test run, of sorts. Okay, so. Imagine your character got hit by a deaging spell. They are now a child of an age of your choosing. Tag into this post in character/tag other people in this post and have fun! Obviously, this won't affect the game at all; this is just for fun and a chance to explore potential plotlines for the future!
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Okay, so. I hate doing this, especially since Arthur is so new in terms of a character, but. I'm really not connecting with his character, like, at all. I just can't write brooding manpain characters? Even playing him, I couldn't really stick with his characterization well. I feel really flighty, writing this, but I have another character I really want to play, and I cannot handle more than five original characters, so I am, unfortunately, letting Arthur go. I won't kill him off like Tristan; he'll magically vanish into thin air because idk, Siren Cove weirdness?

Thank you all, especially Lisa, for putting up with me and my flightiness in terms of characters. And I thank/apologize to Keira, because I did really enjoy threading Arthur with you, and I want you to know that. <3.

I just have to let him go brood with his rocks off somewhere else now.

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Okay, I feel like posting a meme so. Yes, it is another Harry Potter themed one, but I couldn't think of anything else so. Basically, a Patronus is a protective charm in the shape of an animal that has meaning to the person its meant to protect. I.E: Someone who really loves lizards could have a lizard, etc.

So, what is your character's Patronus and why?
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Okay, so. I know I haven't updated the town map in awhile and I need to work on that because I am a lazy mod/overwhelmed with personal life issues, and I promise, I'll get to it as soon as I can, but for now, I just wanted to make people aware of the college that isn't the community one in Siren Cove.

 photo saintbernadette_zps931fd0fb.jpg

I'm also retconning to say that Cosette attends here instead of the community college, on a vocal scholarship she won while in high school, double majoring in Voice and Music Education. June Thornton also attends, double majoring in Fashion Design and Communications, with an emphasis on Public Relations. Arthur works here as a professor of geology and will also teach evening classes on stone magics.

Saint Bernadette's, as can be assumed from it's name, is a small, private Catholic university known especially for it's music, theater, fashion design, and science programs, although all of the majors within it are well-respected and admired throughout the country. Their mascot and team names are Sirens, of course. Humans, sirens, and witches are all employed here. Sirens run the music and theater departments, while witches and humans are all in a variety of fields. There are dorms here, of course, although June and Cosette both save money by commuting. (And actually, at the start of the next term, Cosette will be surprised when her aunt helps her move on campus, when she gets promoted to a better job with a bonus, so if anyone wants to be a part of that, just let me know!)

I just wanted to mention this here for anyone who may want a character to work here, attend, etc. Because what's a New England town without a private, scenic college? If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding the college, please let me know! I had a lot of fun coming up with this, so I hope people will use it in game! :)

Edit: Also, Arthur is obviously going to have office hours here and if someone doesn't do something fanfic inspired with that, I will be disappoint~
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Hi everyone!

So, I read Eli’s headcanons the other day and it got me rethinking about an old idea I had. So a lot of characters here grew up in Siren’s Cove and based on the size of the place, I assume there was only one public high school (and not everyone characters were rich enough to go to private school).

Therefore I’ve always been pretty curious who was in high school with whom, because my character Owen for example, may recognise someone if they were in the same graduating class or just in HS at the same time. So I thought it might help with extra general plotting. (Having said that – I not American, so all I know about American HS is that you typically graduate at 18 I believe.)

Anyway, so here is the place that you post your Siren Cove native characters graduating year and the school they went to (either public HS or the name of the private school they went to).

Graduating Class

Siren Cove Public HS

Louise Abasi            1997
Lara Quinn              1997

Owen Phillips          2002

Spencer Waters      2003

Alessandra Castillo  2006
Eli Dixon                  2006
Corrine Flynn           2006 (dropped out - 2004)

Fabrice Coombs       2007
Nerium Oleander     2007
Leslie Parker           2007 (dropped out junior year - 2006)

Private HS

Levi Astor              2003
Will Cabot             2003
Grant Middleton    2003
James Thornton    2003

Moira Coombs       2005

Aoife Coombs        2008
Mira Kazmi             2008
(N.B Mother taught at Public school and she hung around there also)


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Hello all! Alex here just wanting to say that on Monday Violet Coombs will be hosting a ridiculous, extravagant "welcome home" party for Moira, and even, gasp maybe mention the Thorntons as well. The entire town is invited so get ready to get fancy! It's going to be awkward all around because: a)Moira and her mother don't get along. At all. and b)it's coming on the heels of the secret witches meeting.

I figure this is a good chance for all SC citizens to gather and discuss the events while also getting drunk and making terrible life choices. I just wanted to post this here to give people a head's up and for plotting purposes. If anyone wants to disrupt/curse/otherwise intrude upon said party, please discuss it here.

Have fun!
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 Hi Everyone! So, this awesome place is becoming a flurry of activity with not only lots of new characters, but players. I think its safe to say a lot of us know each other from previous RPs (I know its been a mindblowingly longtime since I first started playing with some of the people here), but its doubtful we all know everyone.

So! In the interest of all getting to know one another a little bit better, I submit for your fun and satisfaction, a getting to know you post:

The Basic
<b>What should we call you?:</b>
<b>How old are you?: </b>
<b>When is your birthday?:</b>
<b>Where do you live?: </b>
<b>Where are you from originally?: </b>
<b>Where do you wish you lived?:</b>
<b>What do you do?</b>
<b>What was/is your major or academic focus?</b>

On RPing
<b>What was the first thing you ever wrote?</b>
<b>Who was your first RP character?</b>
<b>If you were an RP
 character, what would be your ~one paragraph introduction bio?</b>

<b>What are your diehard beloved fandoms?:</b>
<b>What brought you over to the fandom darkside?:</b>
<b>What was your the last best movie you saw? Book you read?:</b>
<b>Besides fandom, what do you absolutely geek out over?:</b>
<b>Who was your fictional childhood hero?</b>

The Fun 
<b>What Hogwarts House would you be sorted into?:</b>
<b>If you could travel across space and time, when/where would you go?:</b>
<b>What is your "stripper"
 name? (First Pet, First Street):</b>
<b>What is a fun/unusual fact about you?:</b>
<b>Say something, anything! Tell a story, make an impassioned rant, send us off with something you want to get out there:</b>

(And please, only fill out as much as your comfortable sharing. This is all for fun and friendship :)

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Okay, so this pains me to write, but I've been considering this for awhile now, so I want to write it here and let everyone know: I am dropping Tristan as a character. I haven't been feeling his voice, unfortunately. I am thankful to everyone I threaded him with, especially Riley and Sarah, and I am sorry I couldn't maintain a better hold of his character.

To be more specific, in the upcoming mystery post, I will be killing Tristan off. It won't be anything graphic, but I just want everyone to be aware of it. His pie shop and cat will both go to Riley.

This is hard for me, but it's also the right thing to do, I feel. I'm going to be bringing the youngest Thornton girl, my first human character, ha ha, in Tristan's place.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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 So maybe y'all added birthdays to your (OOC) profiles but ain't nobody got time for that.

I mean, maybe it would be helpful to have it all in one place. Lou would definitely know everyone's dates and do something sweet/fitting on that day.

Besides that I had a dream about a secret magical garden so I'm going to claim that for Lou's birthday party, June 23rd. 

So add and I'll edit and if you want to go there, tell me what your puppet would love for its birthday. 

Spencer: March 9

Joel: April 24
Alfie: April 25

Riley: May 24

Lou: June 23
June: June 25

Isaiah: July 16

Bonnie: August 2
Tristan: August 8
Corrine: August 15
Val: August 16

Fabrice: September 18
Alex: September 21

Kat: October 1
Owen: October 14
Grant: October 31

Moira: November 2
Nerium: November 18

Iris: December 24
Bach: December 31 (prolly)


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