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Your pup just pulled out their phone to send a text message. No big deal, right? Well...unless it goes to the wrong person (oops), but at least it makes for an interesting conversation?

  1. The Drunk Text - Your pup really should have let their friends take their phone away from them. 
  2. The Breakup Text - Downside: Your pup's current partner doesn't know they aren't they partner anymore. Upside: Your pup just got a break-up text from a stranger so maybe this person is available???
  3. The Funny Text - It was just a joke!
  4. The Sexy Text - Okay, now they've seen your pup naked and this is awkward.
  5. The 3am Text - Your pup couldn't sleep and now they are musing on the mysteries of the world and had an epiphany that just can't wait until morning.
  6. The Needy Text - Your pup just wants someone to talk to right now. 
  7. The Accidentally-On-Purpose Text - Did your pup really send it by accident or do they just want the person to think they did?
  8. The Meetup Text - Uh-oh, your pup just told a random stranger to meet them for drinks! (or dinner, or lunch, or a concert or...).
  9. The Autocorrect Fail - Technology has failed your pup. 
  10. The Anything Goes Text - You choose the fail. 

  1. Give all your pups a top-level that you want to participate in this meme. Other pups will text your pup with a misfired text message. 
  2. Text messages can use one of the scenarios above (or make one up) and assumes that the message has been accidentally texted to the wrong person or if you want it can be on purpose! 
  3. This meme is not canon so feel free to do whatever you'd like. 
  4. Go find another top-level and text other pups!
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat. Just have fun! 
Adapted from bakerstreet comm
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Hi, kids!

So because we have several new players that have joined Siren Cove over the past couple of months, and we have a few returning players. It's time for another one of these, I think.

Answer what you want. Answer srsly or answer dumbly. We don't care.

Name / Alias / Nickname:
Twitter URL:
All your pups in Siren Cove:
Where you from bro:
Favorite color?
Write something in capitals:
Favorite number?
Favorite drink?
Average amount of sleep:
Most recently watched and enjoyed movie:
My favorite band / musician / musical genre:
One thing that ticks you off:
Meaning behind my Tumblr or Twitter URL:
Most used phrase:
Favorite Movie soundtrack:

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The Anon Meme!

How this works:
  • This is an anon meme for the residents of Siren Cove to ask general advice or tell everybody what they might never say otherwise. 
  • You can start a thread by your pup using their acct if they need some advice.
  • Other pups may respond to those posts on anon. 
  • Go find another thread and comment back! 
Adapted from fortanon
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Ah yes, a blind date. Let the awkward or the romance commence. No matter how awkward and unexpected they might be, there is always something exciting about meeting someone new. Will your pup find the person of their dreams tonight or live out their worst nightmare? Who will be their company for the evening? Someone they have a crush on....or that hideous person from the office that they hate?

Let's find out shall we...


1. For all characters participating, post your character in a new top-level. They are now in the middle of a blind date in some alternate universe.

2. Comment on other character's top-levels with your own pups. 
3. If you are feeling dangerous, you can go to Random.org and roll a single die to come up with a prompt:
  • DIE 1 : First date -- You've never been out on a date before, so someone's decided to give you a helping hand.
  • DIE 2 : On the rebound -- You're recovering from a painful breakup, but your friends/family think they found a great person for you anyway.
  • DIE 3 : Not strangers at all -- Someone thought you didn't know your date. Turns out you know them from somewhere.
  • DIE 4 : Hideously awkward -- Hey wait, that's your ex/boss/doctor/distant family member! Or, even worse, it's that person you absolutely despise. This will go well!
  • DIE 5 : Existing partner -- You two are just acting like strangers to spice up your love life.
  • DIE 6 : Future spouse -- Unfortunately, you have to have an arranged marriage. Fortunately, you get to meet that special someone for a date beforehand. How will the night go?
  • OTHER : Or instead of rolling, come up with your own scenario!
4. Play out the date! Characters with relationships are free to completely erase all canon or keep it, do as you wish. If your characters are currently dating someone now is your chance to rewrite history. This meme can be completely fluffy, smutty, or hilarious. It doesn't even have to be romantic.

Adapted from
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  1. Your character just got home and found a six pack of Truth Serum sitting on their counter. THEY DRINK ALL OF IT BECAUSE THEY AREN'T THAT SMART. They are now loose-lipped as hell. 
  2. Start a new top-level with your character if they are participating.
  3. Lucky you though. Now's your chance to ask other characters any question you want to know, and THEY MUST TELL THE TRUTH. Post your question on a character's top-level thread.
  4. Wash, rinse, repeat. 
  5. Have fun!

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Inspired by this meme I got tagged in from Twitter:

What would your characters have as their wallpapers on their phones? Loved ones, pretty scenery, pets, weird stuff that nobody would understand? SHARE IT HERE.

How I'm doing it: setting the home and lock screens for real on my phone and screencapping, then uploading to an image hosting site.

How to do it if you're lazy: just post the pictures :D
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Two ways to play!

First: Do you have a character you'd love for someone to play? Maybe a relative, friend, or just an NPC that you think would be fun? Or maybe it's just a type of character that you'd like to see in the game. Think Siren Cove could benefit from a old, homeless witch that's secretly uber powerful? Tell us about them and why someone should play them!

Second: Do you have a new character you're think about playing that you'd maybe like to create some ties with before you bring them in? Maybe they're just a rough idea and you'd like some help fleshing them out or you just want to open them up for people to ask questions about.

All of that and more is okay!
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 Because I'm kind of curious about the person behind the character(s), and their writing habits, this time a list of questions focused on you, you, and you.

1. Can you write a reply/tag/post all day every day or do you need a mood, a tune, a (special) space?
2. Can you smoothly switch between characters or do you need something to turn your mind set around? 
3. Are you sometimes completely flabbergasted about what your character is doing/how it's running away from you? If so, when was the last time?
4. Can you keep your distance from emotional stuff happening to your character(s) or do emotions definitely bleed through?

5. What do you find first, the character, its name or its face(claim)? 
6. Does the face claim influence the character you write? For example: actress A plays very whimsical parts, does that make your character quirky/quirkier?
7. Have you ever regretted a name or face claim?

8. Which of yours is your favorite character (right now)?
9. Which is your easiest-to-play character?
10. Are there character-related decisions (plot, looks, background) you really regret? 

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Another meme that I'm directly ripping off from another game but WHATEVER, it's fine.

Comment as your characters with their biggest Siren Cove crushes. It can be people they're head over heels in love with, people they're quietly attracted to, people they'd hit so fast if there were no strings attached or no consequences to be had, people they've never talked to but would definitely be willing to get to know better, anything! Post as many or as few as you'd like and if you want to make it pretty with gifs or pictures and reasons for each crush, have at it. You can reply back in character or as yourself but know that this won't affect anything in game, it's just all in good fun! :3
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Since it's New Year's Eve (or already 2015 depending on where you are), I thought it would be a good time to do a little 2014 round up for everyone!
  • The Siren Cove community was created on Dreamwidth on April 15, 2014.
  • The first in-game post was made April 21, 2014 and the first in-game post to the comm was made April 24, 2014.
  • SCRPG has been in operation for 8 months and 10 days!
  • The main comm has 122 entries and 18,435 comments on it!
  • We currently have 74 active characters!
Phewwwwww. You guys have been busy, but we can't tell you how much we've appreciated the talent and creativity that has gone into make SCRPG a success so far. Here is to even more fun in 2015.

If you're up for it here is a quick meme to tell us some resolutions for you and your characters. It's just for fun and no one is required to play along.

FOR ALL PLAYERS (for you!)

FOR ALL CHARACTERS (fill out for as many of your characters as you want to)

Happy New Year everyone!
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So I'm pretty much just directly ripping this off from another game, but I think it's worth the copycatting.

The year is almost over, there's been good times and bad times and in-between times, but I think one thing we can agree on is what a pleasure it's been getting the chance to play with and get to know each other. So use this meme to take the time to tell your fellow players some things you like about them, whether it be about their RP style or who they are to you as a person or a combination of both.

Tag in with your name and who you play in the game along with one thing you like about yourself then tag others as they pop in until we're all spraying love all over the place. Try your best to give as much love as you can because every single one of us is deserving of knowing how fantastic we truly are <3

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It's happened. You're innocently scrolling along, killing time on AO3 or Tumblr or.... and that's when you see it. The tag Siren Cove. That's unexpected.

No harm in clicking, is there?

Hours/days/years later, in the black hole you've fallen into tracking updates and threads and leaving paragraph long commentary on writing style, planning fanvids in your head, and posting single photos of your favorite chars with just the comment HELP underneath, you may wonder how you got here. Ssh. It doesn't matter. You're here.


The rules:
  • 1. Copy and post the following prompt/questions into a comment.
  • 2. Answer in as much detail as you like. Reasoned arguments are awesome! Skipping questions is also cool!
  • 3. No passive aggressiveness please!
  • 4. Please be inclusive of everyone as best you can!
  • 5. HAVE FUN!

1. Most popular pairing (canon):
1a. Most popular pairing (not canon):
2. Pairing(s) or characters most likely to cause fanwank (feel free to describe said wank):
3. Rarepair(s) that people will go DOWN WITH THEIR SHIP for:
4. Most common het ship:
5. Most popular femslash ship:
6. The character most likely to spawn a gifset tagged #thanks satan on Tumblr
7. Best fanvid (or most common fanvid topics, if you don't want to create one):
8. Most controversial pairing:
9: Most common trigger/other warning in tags:
10. Pair or character responsible for the darkest fic:
11. Character(s) most likely to show up in fanart:
12. Most common AUs in the fandom:
13. Most common crossover fandoms:
14. Characters in the best gen fic:
15. Best Songfic - subjects and song
BONUS: Write in your own question/answer!
DOUBLE POINTS: Write the funniest summary you find in the Siren Cove tag on AO3
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Meme time for the weekend!!

We all know that sometimes characters tell lies, half-truths, or whole truths that still manage to be deceptive.

But not today! Today they have to tell the truth. Not only that, but they're compelled to tell the entire truth so no worming their way out of it with clever wording!

Tag in with your characters so that others can ask them questions. The questions can be in character (from the point of view of another character) or out of character (just asked by a player out of the sake of curiosity). They can be serious or silly, whatever you feel like asking.

Remember though, what is learned in the meme stays in the meme and does not have any impact on the actual game itself. Tag in, tag around, and have fun!
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One of the best things about this game (in my always right opinion) is developing awesome back stories between characters that we can play off of. But have you ever wondered what would happen if things might have started out differently between your characters? Or what if characters that have never met before in the game had some sort of history? Let's find out!

Alternate Universe Back Story Meme

Post your character(s) here and then tag around inventing new back story connections for your characters. From serious to crack, give them connections they don't have in the game, just show us what could have been!
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Hey! It's been awhile since we've done a 'Get to Know' you type of meme, and we have plenty of new players in the house! Everyone answer all or some of the questions below so we can all say hello: 
1. Handwrite your name. 
2. Handwrite your Twitter name. 
3. Handwrite all your SCRPG characters' names. 
4. Handwrite your favorite season of the year. 
5. Handwrite what color shirt your wearing right now. 
6. Handwrite your favorite actresses and actors. 
7. Handwrite the TV shows you are currently watching. 
8. Handwrite your favorite bands/singers. 
9. Handwrite your favorite songs. 
10. Handwrite your favorite number. 
11. Handwrite the country you currently live in. 
12. Handwrite “hello”. 
13. Handwrite your name in the hand that you do NOT normally use. 
14. Handwrite 3 words that sum you up. 
15. Handwrite the first 10 words that come to mind. 
16. Handwrite a message to everyone in SCRPG. 
17. Handwrite Siren Cove. 

  1. Answer the questions above but write the answers on a piece of paper in your handwriting, take a picture, and post it on a new comment/top-level. 
  2. If you don't want to handwrite the answers, feel free to answer the questions the normal way. 
  3. Comment on other people's posts to say hello & mingle!  
  4. Have fun!
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  1. Create a top-level / new thread with your name in the subject line and in the comment list all your characters if you want to receive questions about your character(s) from either other players or characters.
  2. Comment on other player's threads with questions about their characters. You can ask questions either in-character (using character journals) or OOC.
  3. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  4. Have fun!
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Time for another meme!!

Here's the rules:
  1. Start a top-level comment with your character's journal if you're game to handing out songs
  2. Comment on other character's top-levels with the characters you want songs for
  3. Reply to comments with 1-5 songs (like a mini playlist) that represent their relationship or simply how your character feels about the other
  4. Include explanations, because they're fun and maybe remind us all we have a heart sometimes
  5. Lisa has to use Beyonce songs
  6. Have fun!

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For many of us, there are people that are closely related to our characters that are mentioned or exist but are off screen because they're not played. Family members of various types, old friends and enemies, maybe an ex or two, and the like are all part of our character histories but aren't necessarily characters in the game.

If you have someone like that, list them here and see if anyone is interested in playing them! Or, just share some info about your character's past, present or future that people might be interested in getting involved in. This can be as specific (Jim Bob has a brother Joe Bob that I'd love someone to play) or as vague (Jim Bob has A LOT of cousins you could app, guys!) as you want. Hey, maybe someone is already thinking of apping a character that could fit in nicely as one of the people you'd love someone to bring in.

Also, if you have a character you're thinking of that you want to have a connection to someone already in the game you can throw them in to see of anyone wants to have a tied in history.
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It's time for drabbles, ladies and gents. And this time we're doing some alternative universe drabbles. The rules are simple: 

  • Start a top level comment with your character's journal if you are up to writing drabbles.
  • Comment on other character's threads with the number of the AU you'd like to see between your characters. 
  • Write your own drabbles! 
  • HAVE FUN!!! 
1. New Neighbors!AU
2. Runaway Royalty!AU
3. High School!AU
4. Superhero!AU
5. Childhood!AU
6. Rule 63!AU (link
7. No-Magic!AU
8. Vampire!AU
9. Werewolf!AU
10. Zombie!AU
11. Barista!AU
12. Hooker!AU
13. Royalty!AU
14. Prison!AU
15. College!AU
16. Hair/Makeup Stylist and Actor/Model!AU
17. Pretend Couple!AU
18. Camp Counselors!AU
19. Met In Detention!AU
20. Pen Pals!AU
21. Ghosts In Love!AU
22. God and Counterpart From Another Pantheon!AU
23. Brand New Step-Sibling!AU
24. Mundane/Domestic!AU
25. ___________________!AU (YOU CHOOSE) 
 Adapted from fillyouraskbox.

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  1. Create a top-level / new thread using your character's journal if you want to receive some juicy confessions from other characters in the game. 
  2. Comment on other character's threads with a current in-character confession/secret/truth that your character can't or won't tell that character at the moment. Comments won't affect game play. 
  3. Wash, rinse, repeat. 
  4. Have fun! Touch your left boob. 


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