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 Hello, lovelies!

Welcome to the second dry run! This is a place where you can play out any new characters you have bumping around in your head, getting a feel for them and finding out if you want to properly app them into the community. You can put as much information as you want, or don't want, into your opening blurb. Other players can interact with your character with either established characters or new ones that they're also planning on apping. Just make sure everything is IC, or properly marked as OOC~

I'm sure you have the gist of it by now so... Have fun! And remember to warn for any potential triggering content!

& The Modly Crew

Dry Run!

Jul. 30th, 2014 01:34 pm
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Hey guys! Here's the Dry Run post! Use this space to test the waters, so to speak, with any characters you're thinking of bringing to the game. Write a paragraph, a quirk blurb, or whatever suits your fancy to give players an idea of who your character is, if they're related to anyone else in town, etc. Just make sure it's in character. Remember to warn for any triggering content, and have fun! This is open to all members of the game and people looking to join. Current characters are welcome to come interact with the new ones! Have fun, guys! If you have any questions, I'm available on twitter to answer them!

for the Modly Crew
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Okay, so, as most of you on twitter have seen, I've recently discovered this wonderful website here. It's so much fun, and it really allows you to play around with fashion and such. And so, predictably, I'm using it for a meme here. What's your characters favorite outfit? Casual? Dressy? Have fun! :D
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So back by popular demand and the fact that people want to get to know other people better, I bring another round of 'Getting to Know You' questions. Feel free to answer as many or as little as you want. The point of this is just for everyone to get to know each other better and have fun.


What do you like to be called?
Favorite way to relax?
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Favorite music?
Favorite movies?
Favorite shows?
Who's your personal fictional hero?
How long have you been RPing?
Why do you RP?
How do you get into a character's head/voice?
Favorite song to sing in the shower and/or dance around to?
If you could live in any fictional universe, where would it be and why?
Anything else you want people to know about you?
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Okay, so. Work kind of melted my brain/I am bored, so another meme! Think of this one as a test run, of sorts. Okay, so. Imagine your character got hit by a deaging spell. They are now a child of an age of your choosing. Tag into this post in character/tag other people in this post and have fun! Obviously, this won't affect the game at all; this is just for fun and a chance to explore potential plotlines for the future!
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Okay, I feel like posting a meme so. Yes, it is another Harry Potter themed one, but I couldn't think of anything else so. Basically, a Patronus is a protective charm in the shape of an animal that has meaning to the person its meant to protect. I.E: Someone who really loves lizards could have a lizard, etc.

So, what is your character's Patronus and why?
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Okay, so, I really enjoy memes, lol, so here's another one.

I think music plays a huge role in how people look at various aspects of their characters, so here's a music-based meme for everyone!

What is your character's theme song?
Who are your character's favorite artists/bands?
What is your character's personal favorite song?

I always love hearing about how people choose how they pick music for their characters, so be as detailed or not as you want!
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 Hi Everyone! So, this awesome place is becoming a flurry of activity with not only lots of new characters, but players. I think its safe to say a lot of us know each other from previous RPs (I know its been a mindblowingly longtime since I first started playing with some of the people here), but its doubtful we all know everyone.

So! In the interest of all getting to know one another a little bit better, I submit for your fun and satisfaction, a getting to know you post:

The Basic
<b>What should we call you?:</b>
<b>How old are you?: </b>
<b>When is your birthday?:</b>
<b>Where do you live?: </b>
<b>Where are you from originally?: </b>
<b>Where do you wish you lived?:</b>
<b>What do you do?</b>
<b>What was/is your major or academic focus?</b>

On RPing
<b>What was the first thing you ever wrote?</b>
<b>Who was your first RP character?</b>
<b>If you were an RP
 character, what would be your ~one paragraph introduction bio?</b>

<b>What are your diehard beloved fandoms?:</b>
<b>What brought you over to the fandom darkside?:</b>
<b>What was your the last best movie you saw? Book you read?:</b>
<b>Besides fandom, what do you absolutely geek out over?:</b>
<b>Who was your fictional childhood hero?</b>

The Fun 
<b>What Hogwarts House would you be sorted into?:</b>
<b>If you could travel across space and time, when/where would you go?:</b>
<b>What is your "stripper"
 name? (First Pet, First Street):</b>
<b>What is a fun/unusual fact about you?:</b>
<b>Say something, anything! Tell a story, make an impassioned rant, send us off with something you want to get out there:</b>

(And please, only fill out as much as your comfortable sharing. This is all for fun and friendship :)


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