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Allo, lovelies~ I have been working on this for what feels like forever and its finally ready! I put together a fanmix I feel encompasses the general ~feel~ of the town and its wonderous residents. I hope you enjoy!

Coming Home

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Raleigh's playlist - largely Southern Gothic, and oddly having a LOT to do with the water.*

*may or may not have to do with future plot.

8 Track Link - How Long Can You Run
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A sombre playlist for the residents of Sirens Cove, each facing their own trials and struggles through a town with a haunted history.

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Hello all! Another fanmix from me, this time for Cosette! This one is decidedly more chipper than Moira's because Cosette is that annoyingly perky optimist and I love her for it. She's also really proud to be a siren, even if she hates the whole 'exiled from nobility' aspect of it. I'll make one for Tristan too, eventually. Anyway, this is especially fun for me and even more so now that Sarah and Julia have guided me to their font sources. Enjoy! :D

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I was putting together Val's playlist and kinda realized that I have an obnoxious amount of siren-worthy songs

So here's a mix for the sirens of Siren Cove

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Hey all! Inspired by Sarah's awesome, fantastic, flawless in every way mixes, I felt inspired to compile on of my own, specifically focused on Moira Coombs. I might do one for Tristan at some point. Anyway, I love making mixes for characters and I love Moira, so I had a lot of fun with this one. Enjoy!

 photo moira3_zps6f18b24b.png

Listen here!

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Mix {002}

May. 9th, 2014 08:13 pm
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Yup I'm creeped out because I just finished making a curse-themed mix right when Alex and Lisa decided to make a curse plot post :'D GET OUT OF MY HEAD

Anyway, no PB-related songs on this one just because it's dark and boo-related or something words I hate words

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May. 7th, 2014 08:38 pm
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Yes hello, I made a mix for the RP hello don't mind me

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Of course, we have PBs who can ~SANG. I'll include more next time round. Until then, enjoy Bach's disgusting voice :)
ps don't make fun if my roman numerals are wrong k ;3;
pps if you have suggestions for another mix, lemme know thank


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