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Okay, so. I've...kind of regretted letting Tristan go ever since I killed him off. It's been something I've been fighting with for the past couple of weeks, especially. And I still can never really seem to get a strong grip on Cosette's voice, which is a damn shame because I love her. And Daisy, too, is changing, as it were.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone here for being patient with my flakiness in terms of characters; I know I've switched around a lot, and I promise, this time is the last time I'm going to be swapping anyone out, really.

So I am dropping Cosette. She will become an NPC, so anyone can use her however they see fit for any thread or plot they may have. And the murder plot I brought up awhile ago can still occur, should anyone have a hankering for it. I'm dropping her now, to give myself some time to fully plot out what I have in mind next.

Daisy, from her college days, got a taste for darker magic. Also she's Tristan's cousin. So she's going to be experimenting with it, which is going to ultimately lead to her reviving Tristan from the dead. Yes, Tristan is returning, but with a twist: he can't go out in daylight or he'll go back to being dead. So basically, a not!vampire.

This won't be happening until August, though. Daisy, once I bring her back from hiatus, will start exhibiting signs of digging darker magics.

Once again, guys, I thank you for your patience. I know I've added/dropped a lot of characters over the past couple of months. Thank you for putting up with my whims. If you want to be involved with Daisy's darkness and/or Tristan's return, let me know here!

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Okay, so this pains me to write, but I've been considering this for awhile now, so I want to write it here and let everyone know: I am dropping Tristan as a character. I haven't been feeling his voice, unfortunately. I am thankful to everyone I threaded him with, especially Riley and Sarah, and I am sorry I couldn't maintain a better hold of his character.

To be more specific, in the upcoming mystery post, I will be killing Tristan off. It won't be anything graphic, but I just want everyone to be aware of it. His pie shop and cat will both go to Riley.

This is hard for me, but it's also the right thing to do, I feel. I'm going to be bringing the youngest Thornton girl, my first human character, ha ha, in Tristan's place.

Thanks for reading, everyone!




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