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character updates?

I never intended to be away from SC or my characters for so long. It just kind of happened??? I think NaNo ate my writing brain for awhile and December was like a recovery month or something. The game had kind of slowed too. I have the brain space again for playing. These are the people I have on my list for now: 


I may drop Eli and Jack as I'm not quite certain what to do with them, but I have not decided that for certain so they are just on hiatus. It seems like a good plan to start small at least since I haven't played in so long. I may do some open posts or tag into others? Or if anyone wants private threads???

halp me

ps i love all of you :) 
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Wasn't James a long long time ago Louise's pet project? No, I don't know, I just like to be around his grumpiness. Luke is returning (soonish) with a new guy in tow, Trina might love that. And maybe another Les/Aoife thread full of weirdness before she leaves again?
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[personal profile] louise_abasi 2016-01-03 04:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Well she's still on the beach, you can find her after the magic lesson
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For genevive. It's in Aoifes journal.
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Les still has Corry <3 Any plotting is still gold to me, as long as you won't mind the slow tags
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That sounds great to me! Do you want to do a post? We can take it wherever we want, really. I need to get back in the groove too
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I had pretty much the same problem. Work completely ate my life from September until just now and I could only find voice for Sam and Finn.

I think if you let Eli go, I will probably do the same with Michael and the two can just go be ridiculously happy together.
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What have Kim and Trina been up to, Lisa?!
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Yes!! And I'm sure Kim will have feeeeeeelings.

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Like he wants to kiss her.

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He doesn't know if she wants it too!

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Well no wonder he hasn't kissed her.

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We should play that out though. She can find his New Years Resolution list.

1) Ask Trina out on a date 2) Kiss Trina?????? 3) More kisses with Trina?????

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I will try and set something up today!

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I'd love to get to threading with anybody: Auryn always has a standing offer for Les to come play with fire (uh, literally!) but really I'm open to anything.
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Ooh thanks!