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Dry Run Number 16


Remember this post is a place for you to test/play any new characters that are wiggling around in your brain so that you can get a feel for their voice and decide if you want to put in an application to bring them into the game. New Players that haven't officially joined the game are also welcomed to Dry Run. You can put as much background information as you want or don't want into your opening blurb. Other players can interact with your test character with either established characters or their own test characters. Make sure sure everything is in-character or properly marked OOC. 

Have fun! Don't forget your trigger warnings for content. :)

-The Modly Crew
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Evelyn 'Evyn' Birch is a siren and Native American First Nations woman, registered to the Penobscot Tribal Nation. Her siren form, appropriate to a native Mainer, is a partial or full transformation into a blue lobster. As a human, she's a registered vet tech and dog trainer, running a school called All Dogs Go To Evyn.

In her spare time, she likes dancing and all crafty hobbies, but especially knitting. Or trying to knit.


"Knit one, purl two, knit one...fuck you," Evyn says under her breath, glaring at the tangle in front of her. Sewing? Piece of cake? Making worbla armor? An expensive piece of cake? Crocheted plushes for friends? Easy. Knitting a simple scarf? "Go to hell, you shitty piece of yarn," she mutters.

It's not really the yarn's fault.
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Lena has been listening in (she couldn't help herself, the woman was pretty and this was entertaining), but the last sentence made her giggle. Giggle too loudly, because there weren't enough people between them to blame it on someone else.
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"No, go ahead and laugh. It's pretty damn funny." Evyn gives up and shoves the alleged scarf into her handbag and spins her chair around. "I suck at this."
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"It's really not that h-" Words no one ever wanted to hear. "Sometimes it only seems to get worse with the harder you try. Giving up is just the best option, then."
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Brandon *Bran* Hawkins, 26, witch with foresight/psychic powers that has visions in his dreams and/or daydreams, which tell the future or the past. Visions often cause blinding migraines and headaches, or nightmares depending on what he sees. Struggles with having knowledge of things before they happen, often times shuns the use of his powers in any form, but despite that his visions have increasingly grown stronger as he's gotten older. Hawkins clan is one of the original families of Siren Cove, and Bran's family is extremely wealthy from legitimate means. His father is a Very Important Man™ in Washington D.C, and he has been absent for most of Bran's life. His mother is a liar and a cheat (Bran received his powers from her), and she isn't a very nice person. Bran has one older brother named Gregor who is just as awful as his mother. He hates Bran mainly because Bran has powers and Gregor does not. Bran's family life is troubled, broken, and often upsetting. He attended a private school and was forced to enroll in St. Bernadette's where he barely bothers with his school work, but he goes because his livelihood depends on him graduating from college. He has escaped into a living situation with his best friend Cecilia Coombs that keeps him moderately happy.

Best described as: Fiery, surly, rebellious, relentlessly honest, and loyal. Worst quality is his attitude which waivers between angry and angrier. Has some trouble expressing his emotions but is very good at giving his opinion, especially when he disagrees with something. He is a good friend and surprisingly intelligent.

Hates the beach. Loves to drive fast. Listens to questionable music. Sings.


Feel free to bump into Bran anywhere around town.
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Bump she does, in the halls of St. Bernadette's, super early for her class because Lena just can't be late anywhere. It's called evening classes and she's here at ten to six.

"Sorry!" Her books fly and if it would be less painful and less embarrassing Lena could recognize this as something out of a movie. "Sorry, sorry, sorry." She gets down to collect her books and her pride. The one will no doubt be easier than the other.
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Jo Wallis only exists in dry run: 22, they/them pronouns, no idea what they're doing with their life and kind of okay with that. The world is an open book, albeit often a really depressing one, but they intend to scribble all over the margins and dogear their favorite pages.

Jo has migraines that can put them out of commission for days at a time and that no medicine has had a great effect on. Sometimes, these migraines come with visions. Some of these visions have had landmarks Jo eventually traced to Siren Cove. So on they go.

[Jo is a witch, though they don't know it; more info on that on their journal. It is fine for your character to internally narrate their gender as perceived. If they're gonna be transphobic, just warn in subject.]


It's cool, but not cold, colors changing in the trees overhead. Jo's sitting on the back of one of the benches scattered down the boardwalk, and thinking about maybe getting a pumpkin.

They've pulled out their guitar to mess around for a little while, not busking so much as having fun.
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