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misfired texts meme

Your pup just pulled out their phone to send a text message. No big deal, right? Well...unless it goes to the wrong person (oops), but at least it makes for an interesting conversation?

  1. The Drunk Text - Your pup really should have let their friends take their phone away from them. 
  2. The Breakup Text - Downside: Your pup's current partner doesn't know they aren't they partner anymore. Upside: Your pup just got a break-up text from a stranger so maybe this person is available???
  3. The Funny Text - It was just a joke!
  4. The Sexy Text - Okay, now they've seen your pup naked and this is awkward.
  5. The 3am Text - Your pup couldn't sleep and now they are musing on the mysteries of the world and had an epiphany that just can't wait until morning.
  6. The Needy Text - Your pup just wants someone to talk to right now. 
  7. The Accidentally-On-Purpose Text - Did your pup really send it by accident or do they just want the person to think they did?
  8. The Meetup Text - Uh-oh, your pup just told a random stranger to meet them for drinks! (or dinner, or lunch, or a concert or...).
  9. The Autocorrect Fail - Technology has failed your pup. 
  10. The Anything Goes Text - You choose the fail. 

  1. Give all your pups a top-level that you want to participate in this meme. Other pups will text your pup with a misfired text message. 
  2. Text messages can use one of the scenarios above (or make one up) and assumes that the message has been accidentally texted to the wrong person or if you want it can be on purpose! 
  3. This meme is not canon so feel free to do whatever you'd like. 
  4. Go find another top-level and text other pups!
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat. Just have fun! 
Adapted from bakerstreet comm

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