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Raleigh Harper / Emily Watkins ([personal profile] callmeemily) wrote in [community profile] sirencoveooc2015-08-24 02:12 pm

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Just a general update:

We're working on threading it, but as of Sunday, August 23rd (if not before), Raleigh's soul is returned to her. She's mostly keeping her head down out of sheer overwhelmedness, but Orchard House is back open, she's no longer a horrible person who would kick a puppy, etc. She's currently a one-person guilt factory, but that's to be expected until she comes to terms with all of this.

♥ thanks to Erika, Leah, and Faye for helping put her back together again, and everyone else who helped with the plot (especially Carly for helping save Oscar from the shelter -_-;)!


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