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OOC: It's almost Comic Con, Siren Cove!

Just a quick note on the event calendar, sometimes there are gatherings planned for certain days. However, when several things are posted to the comm at once and instead of competing/trampling over player-planned gatherings/events, it's easier just to play it by ear. That's the main reason some gatherings aren't posted or are rescheduled i.e. the 4th of July event. Not because they are forgotten.

ANYWAY. Onward.

This weekend we will be posting the Siren Cove Comic Con gathering. This is just a quick plotting post incase anyone wants to hash things out. There are several characters with businesses, careers, and or interests that may have them involved in other ways with the Con than just being an attendee.



ALSO this is all just for fun since SDCC is this weekend too. It could be fun to bring a little fandom into Siren Cove. 

If there are any ideas and/or requests for this gathering, just let us know. We are always happy to help make things happen. 

Have fun! 

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Aww, this is adorable!

Corrine Flynn should be a guest, of course.
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Corry is so excited for this. She's been out of this for too long. Corey's going to take photos with every fan there. Even the ones that didn't necessarily want one.
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Corry will make sure he knows what's going on ;) And probably at some point totally find a way to embarrass him during her panel
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She's totally going to try to make him come up wit her and perform a scene from one of their childhood plays in front of everyone
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Acclaimed multi-award winning actress Corrine Flynn will be appearing at SCCC as both guest and panelist speaking about her roles in such fan-beloved films and series as: Samantha Neptune, The Immortals, and Court of Roses, along with the upcoming Good Omens mini-series. Corrine Flynn's panel will include an open Q&A session for fans and Ms. Flynn will be signing autographs following at no extra fee.

Corrine Flynn's full filmography can be found here: http://starsfallen.dreamwidth.org/1039.html
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Moira will mostly be paddling around like a duck, avoiding the inevitable order of bed rest she's going to get soon. :3
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I will not be here, but Lily will be. She'll have her photo gear and will be doing free photo sessions for interested parties. She'll also have rather plain and generic business cards under her own name.

Someday, I will put together a faux protfolio for her, but she is a pro and FABULOUS at flattering all kids of body types so everyone is free to say they saw her taking photos everywhere of all the cosplayers.
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Wren will be poking his head around. His geekery is mostly in the fae and liminal figures/mythology end of things, but the crossover between Enfants fans and geeks is pretty large so he might be able to be a musical guest if he's wanted. And maybe roping in Rian to play along.

Mira will be PSYCHED and I'm sure she has already got a cosplay in mind. (HELP.)

Auryn has only the vaguest idea what a con is, but his earliest memories are of things like Labyrinth and, of course, The Neverending Story, and he keeps his long fantasy novels a lowkey but regular thing.
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Dylan will certainly be there, in cosplay, snooping around the art. Let me know if you wanna go with him.