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Dry Run #13



Remember this post is a place for you to test/play any new characters that are wiggling around in your brain so that you can get a feel for their voice and decide if you want to put in an application to bring them into the game. New Players that haven't officially joined the game are also welcomed to Dry Run. You can put as much background information as you want or don't want into your opening blurb. Other players can interact with your test character with either established characters or their own test characters. Make sure sure everything is in-character or properly marked OOC. 

Have fun! Don't forget your trigger warnings for content. :)

-The Modly Crew
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Fabrice Coombs, 26, witch specializing in animal magic, charms, and healing spells. Likes to chase after magical creatures. Still the proud owner of his three familiar cats. Possesses the ability to shapeshift, his form being a white tailed deer. The older brother to Cecilia Coombs by about three minutes, which he absolutely holds over her head. Returning to town after a seven month-ish research trip for his work at Siren Cove Zoo. Quietly, yet openly, bisexual and content being single for now. He's revamped profile is herefor those interested, though trigger warnings for magical violence, murder, death, and references to suicide.


Fabrice returns to Siren Cove and finds himself glad to be back, much to his surprise. He'd eagerly jumped at the chance to embark on the research project for work, feeling himself ready to break away from the nest, so to speak. It had been rather hard, being away from his family for such an extended period of time, but it had been worth it, in the end. Especially when he thinks about the baby dragon he found in the woods; he smiles fondly at the memory.

He decides it isn't a return home without a stop at the Quill, so he makes his way there. Naturally, he almost trips over someone.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry."

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Lexi Gibbs, 30s. Human, though often called a magpie by those who know her well. The last third of Enfants Sauvages, Lexi collects people as often as she collects new hobbies. After the band broke up, Lexi has been in Seattle, recording and promoting her solo record. She's arriving in Siren Cove because she misses her boys something fierce and she wants a new start on a different coast. That, and she ran as soon as her boyfriend of a year proposed.


"Okay, boys," she says, mostly to herself, with her hands on her hips as she glances around the boardwalk. "Come out of hiding any moment now. I want to see this newfound peace treaty of yours for myself."

It's especially bright out, and she's not wearing sunscreen. She'll definitely regret the inevitable sunburn, but for now, she's happy to be in a new town. A new chance of starting over.
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Lexi still isn't sure what to make of Siren Cove. Her remedy for this, like most of her remedies for any uncertainty, is to wander, letting the wind take her where it wills. She's dressed in her usual style: all pink ribbons and black lace with combat boots and star-shaped bangles all over her wrists. She's meandered down the boardwalk already, and she now seems to be caught up in the downtown area of Siren Cove.

The rumbling of her stomach makes her think she ought to begin seeking out food when she catches sight of the music store and the woman peering into the window of the place.

"Anything good in there?" She asks, grinning and without any trace of shyness. Lexi, after all, has been and remains a people person above all else.
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OOC: I'm pulling Jo out of the Dry Run. Thank you, though. <3
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OOC: Okay, no problem! <3
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Cecilia Coombs, 26, air witch with a talent for spoken magic. Former model, currently unemployed; has recently returned to Siren Cove with a BA from Oxford. Likes: research, economic policy, beautiful things, being loved. Dislikes: being underestimated, white shoes after Labor Day. Younger sister to Fabrice by all of three minutes. Still bitter about it. (Alodia Coombs, but revamped to be playable.)


She knows the Quill's popular, but this is ridiculous. It's the middle of the day, and there isn't a single free table to be had. Hell, there are barely any chairs to be had.

As a matter of fact, there's only one free chair that Cecilia can see, and the table it's next to is very definitely occupied. But she's been walking all day and wants to sit down, so she turns her smile up a few degrees and sashays over.

"Excuse me," she says brightly. "Is this seat taken?"
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Fabrice should have known better than to expect the Quill to be quiet, even for this time of day. People mull about, clutching drinks and snacks, cramming into corners as every last seat is occupied. Luckily, he got here when he did, or he would be standing awkwardly by the books.

Currently, his nose is buried in a volume on unicorns and the various myths surrounding him. With his french vanilla chocolate latte, it's helping to pass the afternoon by.

He's so lost in reading, the familiar voice asking about a chair starts him enough that he nearly falls out of his own.

"Cecilia?" He calls out, glancing up over at his sister at the next table over. He jumps up immediately, running over to her. "I didn't know you would be back today! Come, I've already got a table. God, it's so good to see you." He can't help but immediately throw his arms around her, so profoundly happy to see her again.
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Cecilia waits just long enough to set her tea down on the nearest table before she throws her arms around her brother's neck.

"God, I've missed you," she murmurs, soft enough that only he can hear, and when she pulls back, her smile, though no less bright, has shifted into something a little more genuine.

"I got back last night, actually," she says at a more normal volume, bringing her tea and the (evidently unoccupied) chair over to Fabrice's table. "I was going to surprise you and mother this morning, but you were both out."
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He registers that she had tea in hand only after the fact of him throwing himself at her; he winces at where it sits on a nearby table. He would have felt awful if, in all his enthusiasm, he'd have spilled it on her sister. Especially when the Quill seems especially busy, today.

He smiles at her words, knowing they're only for him to here. "And I've missed you. It's too dull around here without you," he says, pulling back with a grin. It is so good to see Cecilia again, especially with a genuine smile.

"Last night? Where are you staying?" He asks. "Well, I know it's the best surprise I've had all year. I'm sure mom will agree."
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Brandon *Bran* Hawkins, 26, witch with foresight/psychic powers that has visions in his dreams and/or daydreams, which tell the future or the past. Visions often cause blinding migraines and headaches, or nightmares depending on what he sees. Struggles with having knowledge of things before they happen, often times shuns the use of his powers in any form, but despite that his visions have increasingly grown stronger as he's gotten older. Hawkins clan is one of the original families of Siren Cove, and Bran's family is extremely wealthy from legitimate means. His father is a Very Important Man™ in Washington D.C, and he has been absent for most of Bran's life. His mother is a liar and a cheat (Bran received his powers from her), and she isn't a very nice person. Bran has one older brother named Gregor who is just as awful as his mother. He hates Bran mainly because Bran has powers and Gregor does not. Bran's family life is troubled, broken, and often upsetting. He attended a private school and was forced to enroll in St. Bernadette's where he barely bothers with his school work, but he goes because his livelihood depends on him graduating from college. He has escaped into a living situation with his best friend Cecilia Coombs that keeps him moderately happy.

Best described as: Fiery, surly, rebellious, relentlessly honest, and loyal. Worst quality is his attitude which waivers between angry and angrier. Has some trouble expressing his emotions but is very good at giving his opinion, especially when he disagrees with something. He is a good friend and surprisingly intelligent.

Hates the beach. Loves to drive fast. Listens to questionable music. Sings.
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When she spots Bran on the other side of the empty street, Cecilia immediately darts across it and comes up behind him.

"Morning, Bran," she says cheerfully, shooting him her sunniest smile. "You're looking particularly thrilled with the world today."
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Grimacing when he hears Cecilia's voice behind him, Bran grunts back something about mornings and shit when he finds his friend smiling at him. He had left the apartment before her to avoid this particular exchange. "Not now, Cecilia," he says crossly. "Pretend you didn't see me. Like I was doing."

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The problem with Bran Hawkins, though she loves him dearly, is that it's frequently impossible to tell when he's actually upset about something and when he's just being, well, Bran. When in doubt, Cecilia assumes it's the latter. She's usually right.

"Brandon," she says, a laugh caught in her voice, "Are you avoiding me? I'm hurt."
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"No, you're not." Bran knows what it'd take to hurt someone particularly Cecilia. And his anger at the sun coming up this morning all bright and awful is not one of those things. She probably wouldn't even be that hurt if Bran truly were avoiding her.

"There's no rule that says when you see me that you have to say things. This includes when you see me in the apartment by the way," he explains.

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Fabrice knows Bran through Cecilia. And since she's so fond of him, Fabrice puts in the effort to get to know him better when he can.

So when he nearly passes him by on the sidewalk, he waves.

"Hey Bran," he says by way of greeting.
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Cecilia's brother. Bran didn't like him much, mainly because Fabrice was a much nicer person than Bran and that vaguely irritated him for reasons he couldn't fully explain. He could just try to be a nicer person, but he'd rather just be a jerk.

"Ah, Fabrice." Bran looks Fabrice up and down and shakes his head at the clothes he's wearing. It was an assault to the eyes. "Was your power out this morning?"
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Bran is...brittle, Fabrice thinks. Brittle being the most polite word he can think of in conjunction with his sister's close friend. His sister is more adept at dealing with Bran and his brittle ways, but Fabrice likes to think he's gotten better at standing his ground around the other man.

He seems him shake his head at his outfit; his sister makes a nearly identical reaction herself. Fabrice is long since used to it.

"No, it wasn't," he asks, surprised. "Why? Was yours? Was there a power outage nearby?
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"You getting dressed in the dark is the only fucking explanation for this---" Bran waves at Fabrice's outfit. Truly, there's never been a time that he's looked at Fabrice and not been confused. Or annoyed. Or both. But he is still Cecila's brother and that's normally the context in which Bran finds himself in Fabrice's company.
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He sighs, shoulders falling back in time with his breath. It figures. Of course. It's always about his choice of clothes, isn't it? Between Bran and Cecilia, Fabrice never heard the end of the grief about his fashion sense. Which is why he doesn't take it as personally as he once did. He doesn't know Bran like Cecilia does, but he's been around him enough to understand that he is perpetually grumpy. Like Oscar the Grouch. (Not that he would ever say this to his face; he rather appreciates being able to breathe through a non-bloody nose.)

"You and Cecilia can both complain as much as you like, I dress how I dress," Fabrice replies with a shrug. Once, Bran speaking to him like this would've made him shrink into the wall. Or attempt to, anyway. He likes to think he's gained more confidence in the past few months he's been away.
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"I'm not complaining," Bran says with a sneer because he doesn't like the shrug Fabrice gives him. It's the kind of thing someone does to prove they are above a situation. He's not trying to get under Fabrice's skin by insulting because that would mean he cares what Fabrice thinks of him, and he really does not. "I'm just telling you the goddamn truth. Going out this way is terrible."

Fabrice's clothes are terrible. He should know that, Bran thinks.
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"I admit, I don't share Cecilia's passion for clothes," he says, tempted to shrug again because he knows it will piss Bran off. He doesn't like provoking people, mostly, but for Bran, he finds that he can make an exception. Within reason, of course. He really doesn't want the other man to actually break his face. "I've never cared about fashion the way she does, except when I've been supporting her career."

"Now that she's back in town, I suspect she'll drag me shopping," he says. "So don't worry, I'm sure I'll be wearing something more than an eyesore soon."
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"I highly fucking doubt that," Bran grumbles back. They've not encountered one another many times, but it's been enough that Bran can't imagine Fabrice looking any other way than the unfortunate way he does now. Cecilia isn't talented enough to fix this tragedy. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense to Bran that Fabrice and his best friend came out of the same egg.

Just doesn't make damn sense.

He gives Fabrice a look and then sighs. "Well," he says instead of continuing with anything of meaning. He hopes Fabrice will just wander off back to where he was.
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"Well, maybe I'll surprise you," he says, shrugging again. They really haven't spent much time together, Bran's friendship with Fabrice's sister being really their only common connection. He's never understood how his sister could be friends with someone as sharp as Bran, but then, Cecilia always has been especially gifted with making friends out of anyone she encountered. He adores Cecilia, but they are as different from one another as night to day. She's the Artemis to his Apollo, though he really isn't the god of anything, let alone the sun.

Fabrice does know enough about social cues to recognize a dismissal when he hears one.

"I guess I'll see you around. Kind of hard to miss you when you live with my sister," he shrugs again, perhaps this time trying to deliberately annoy Bran.
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Bran shrugs back at Fabrice with a scowl threatening to form. If the annoyance is working, Bran works not to let it show. He can't quite place why Fabrice digs under his skin, but he does. Maybe it's his connection to Cecilia, and Bran's just a shitty spoiled bastard that doesn't want to share his friend. Even with her twin brother. "There's nothing about you that would ever surprise me," Bran says matter-of-factly, like he knows everything. When he probably doesn't. But he likes to carry on this way. Anger simmering beneath the surface at nothing in particular. "I should be on my way. I would hate for anyone to see me talking to you."

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It's like poking an angry bear, Fabrice thinks, staring at Bran, knowing full well he should walk away and let him scowl on his own time. Let him go back to Cecilia, who understands and knows how to deal with his moods. "There is, actually, more to me than my clothes," he says, a little bit defiant as he juts out his chin. God, this is so juvenile. There are so many better ways to spend his time than arguing with Bran. But there's a self-assured confidence to Bran that Fabrice has never had, and it irritates him as much as he envies it. "But considering my presence is tainting your social credibility and you don't care, I'll keep that to myself."

He turns, making way to head in the direction of the zoo. Glad to be the one to turn away first.
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Dante Finch, 24, witch and barber extraordinare. If you come to 'Vade Mecum' for a haircut, you'll leave in love with whatever you get - and maybe a little in love with Finch, too. She doesn't do that part on purpose.

Genderqueer and open about it. She/her prounouns, though she is occasionally very masculine in presentation.


She hangs the sign out for the first time. It's taken a while to get the shop how she wants it, but it's finally there.


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"Oooh," Lexi says, approaching the shop with obvious interest. The decor alone speaks to her on a spiritual level, and she just adores all kinds of places dealing in various aspects of beauty. She pushes open the door and makes her way inside without a second thought.

"This is nice," she says, letting out an appreciative whistle as she takes the place in.
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"Thanks," says Finch, flashing a red-lipped grin as she looks up from the sign she's painting. "It's a labour of love."

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"I can tell," Lexi says, glancing around at the parlor appreciatively. "I'll have to keep this place in mind the next time I want to do something wild and crazy with my hair."
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"I can definitely do wild and crazy," says Dante, and then she holds out her hand. "Finch. Dante Finch. You wanna take a seat?"

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"Good to know," Lexi grins, holding out her own hand in turn. "Gibbs. Lexi Gibbs. Nice to meet you, Dante. That's a hell of a name." She eyes the chair and shrugs. Why the hell not? "Sounds good to me. So did this place just open?"
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"My mother was a funny woman," she says, flashing that grin again before she gestures to the chair. "And my dad was a classicist. You can call me Finch. Or Danny. Dante's a lot to live up to." She glances around the shop. "We're just open."

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"Finch, like the bird," Lexi repeats with another grin. So many people with bird names in her life; another collection, of sorts. "I like it. Just open? Well, I like what you've done with the place so far."