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Raleigh Harper / Emily Watkins ([personal profile] callmeemily) wrote in [community profile] sirencoveooc2015-06-16 08:49 pm
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OOC: Plot post!


I've been kicking around the idea since I brought her, and there's no time like the present, so!

Raleigh's going to be slowly losing a good deal of her soul over the next month. Joel will figure it out sometime in July when he tries to fix Raleigh's leg. Step two of the plot (her getting it back) is something that I need to still figure out the exact logistics for, although I'm slowly working at them. If you're interested in being involved, DM me on twitter, we may be able to work something out!

How does this affect you? Well, mostly - Raleigh's not going to be as nice, moving into being downright mean as time goes on; all the good parts of her soul are getting taken first, and by the end... well. It's going to be interesting.

I'm also going to putting up several posts for her, as well as tagging her into any gatherings that come along, so that I can spread her around.

Note: Please do not godmod your character magically finding out what's wrong without talking to me. Raleigh will seem to be acting weird, but it's not like she's turned purple or something. That being said, totally obvious that she's acting weird, especially as time passes. :D

LMK if you have any questions / comments / concerns! \o/

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