Apr. 5th, 2015

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In advance of the April Challenge being posted, we wanted to get some feedback from the community on the ideas that have been presented to us. We want to do something kinda fun and big this month since if you can believe it, it is our one-year anniversary!!!!!! PARTY!!!!

One thing we especially would like some feedback on is the timeline for this challenge. We don't want to rush you guys through if you're really are into playing out some of the ideas presented below, but we don't want to hinder anyone's current plot lines so we thought it best to just ask what you guys want to do before making it official and posting the calendar. 

We'll take comments for a couple of days and then get the timelines settled as quickly as possible so you guys can start planning. This isn't as detailed as our official challenge post, this is just to give you the basic idea of what will be happening. Some of these things can change based on what you guys tell us.


"SIREN COVE - A fairytale story"

Basic plot description -

Nerium with the help of some other characters will cast a spell to bring wild and untamed magic back to Siren Cove. Nerium and her ilk wish to return Siren Cove to the great magic of olde in a land unrestricted by humans.  The spell will manifest by turning the town into a fairytale world filled with magic. Think reverse Once Upon a Time - instead of a mundane town being filled with former fairytale characters, the "mundane" Siren Cove will now be a fairy tale/fantasy land. Siren Cove will be transformed into a fantasy land, with impenetrable barriers separating it from the outside world. Ideas of what the town may look like: 1) http://www.frugalfamily.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Picture-737.jpg; 2) http://www.rosen-ducat.com/landofmakebelievemap/h28e2e528#h28e2e528. Specific places and landmarks can be planned by players to fit their plans. We are planning at the very least that there will be a "Forbidden Wood" full of centaurs and unicorns and giants and all manner of creatures; and an Atlantis type underwater kingdom for mermaid/sirens.

The town will be transformed, both in setting and character. Players will be able to choose for their character(s) to either

1) Become a fairy tale character / fantasy trope with no memories of their true past, or
2) Retain their memories and identities and know the truth of the changed Siren Cove.
  • Everyone will be able choose which way they want to play and what type of trope to choose from.
  • All source material is up for grabs. From classic fairy tales, to Disney, to Into the Woods or Wicked, to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings - anything that fits into the genre.
  • Witches can be good or evil.
  • Humans can be humans within a world of magic or embody another trope type from maiden in distress or knight to a Cinderella type or Peter Pan and anything in between - even another type of non-magical creature like a hobbit or a giant. 
  • Police and other civil servant workers will have the opportunity to "fight back" against Nerium and her group in order to return the town to normal. 
Timeline information
This is where we need your help the most. We are willing to let this plot play out as long as you guys want it to run. If you want more time to really delve into your source material, we are perfectly fine with that. But we also don't want to cut into current plots that are already planned and since this spell will change the fabric of the town, we don't want to leave it running too long and mess up people's plans. So we are leaving it up to you all.

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How long should this challenge run?

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One week
3 (21.4%)

Two weeks
4 (28.6%)

Three weeks
2 (14.3%)

All month
1 (7.1%)

Don't care
4 (28.6%)

We intend for the plot to culminate in a Ball at Nerium's castle - what is fairytale land without at least one ball? This is likely where the faction against the spell wins.

Additional Info
  • The heart of the spell rests in the heart of a dragon which guards Nerium's castle. Players - magic or not - will be able to plot to venture there to slay the dragon, and destroy its heart. If this is really something you're interested in, we are really open to plot decisions being made by the characters involved. 
  • There will be parts of the town that will remain unaffected by the spell. Right now, we are discussing the bowling alley remaining a magic-free zone. Characters homes that are safe-guarded with wards can remain unaffected by the spell if necessary.
  • We are also discussing the keeping the forest magical as a means of congregating for plot purposes later on. 
And that's all. We always welcome feedback and comments and things that will make things easier for you guys!

The Modly Crew
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While reading through and tagging text message posts, I was reminded of my early days in RPing when journal based games were all first-person and written as though the characters were making actual blog posts.

This is an example from the first game I followed, This Is Now, a Harry Potter based game.

What I'm wondering is if there would be interest in creating a sort of bulletin board community for Siren Cove residents. It would be public-access, meaning anyone with an account and a computer could log in and see, and respond, to all entries (or we can put a "friends lock" system in place for entries to only a certain group of people, if desired.)



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